New public transport scheme to go ahead

Cyprus public bus service

Yesterday Parliament has approved launch of an island-wide bus network operating from September 2010. In the next couple of months the government will have to decide on the compensation amounts for the private bus companies not willing to participate in the new arrangement, known as OSEL. Debates on the compensation rates have been the main cause of delay of the new scheme launch.

Under the new scheme to get to different part of the island will be possible by paying only €10. Apart from that will be introduced all-day tickets allowing to travel within and between districts. Cost of a single trip within one district will be only 1 Euro. Cost of all-day ticket within one district is expected to be 2 Euro and only 10 Euro for a weekly pass. Trip from Larnaca to Nicosia will cost 3 Euro, from Nicosia to Limassol 4 Euro and travelling between Paphos and Nicosia will cost 5 Euro. Free travelling will be provided for children under 12, elementary school students, soldiers and social card holders. University students will be ranted a 50% discount.

New scheme with more regular routes and low costs is introduced by the government in attempt to motivate people in Cyprus to start using public transport.

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