Cyprus Agrotourism becomes new tourism trend in Cyprus

Cyprus AgrotourismAgrotourism is becoming a new trend in Cyprus. Even Cypriots discover now advantages of the "new way of holidaying", according to Evi Panayiotou, representative of the Cyprus Agrotourism Company. Demand and interest in agrotourism is expected to increase even further.

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation has set in motion a program of restoration of traditional houses and enhancement of the traditional element in Cyprus villages, within the framework of the philosophy of agrotourism. This is one of the reason why in the nineties Cyprus Agrotourism Company, a body dealing exclusively with holidays in the Cyprus countryside, was established.

Today, agrotourism is an autonomous, vibrant part of Cyprus tourism hosted in traditional lodgings of historical value throughout Cyprus, ready to offer a new, alternative holiday ideal. Today there are over 100 lodgings available for the agrotourism lovers, in more than 40 villages, with approximately 800 beds total capacity. Lodgings can be found in Nicosiam Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca and Troodos regions.

Prices are around €120-€200 per night for a house that can accommodate 4 to 8 people. Two people can find accommodation for rent for just €50-€70 per night Traditional houses are equipped in modern way but their traditional character and charm have been preserved. Such places are conducive to a harmonious coexistence of man with nature, a coexistence sought by more and more visitors on their holidays.

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