Prehistoric figurines "factory" discovered near Paphos

Idol of PomosCyprus Antiquities Department has announced that archaeology team from Lemba Archaeological Research Centre and the University of Edinburgh found proof of cruciform figurines, similar to the Idol of Pomos, which you can see imprinted on Cyprus Euro coins.

These findings come from Palaipaphos region (near Paphos), dating back to 3000 BC. Idol of Pomos is a sculpture, representing a woman with spread arms and it was a fertility symbol during the Chalcolithic period.

Excavated house remnants contained various tools, used for the sculptures production, as well as fragments of chippings from the initial production stages. Nearly finished statues, thrown away due to their imperfections, were also found. Raw material used for the figurines production comes from the mountainous area of Troodos.

These unique findings will help archaeology specialists in reconstruction of the methods used by the prehistoric artisans as well as structure of the workshops of that period. Another part of the settlement revealed "rich economic data", such as ceramics, animal bone and bone needles. They were surprisingly well preserved, trapped beneath the buildings.

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